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Polybloc dining chair

Designed by Adam Wolstenholme for AW Studio.

Handmade to order in Great Britain, using 100% British grown ash timber. Our talented craftspeople use a range of bespoke techniques, from steam-bending the distinctive sweeping armrest, to meticulously moulding the seat and back rest. Discover more about this design and its story below.

Material: European ash

Finish: White oil

Height: 75.5cm / 29.7"

Seat Height: 44 cm / 17.3"

Arm rest height: 65.5cm / 25.7"

Width: 52cm / 20.4"

Depth: 49.5cm / 19.5"

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The full story...

An ode to mid-century Danish modernism.

During the early 20th century, Danish architect and furniture designer Kaare Klint and his understudies would perfect a methodology of studying earlier historically successful chair archetypes. They would use these as a basis from which to design their own widely successful and iconic Danish designs with the modernist aesthetic.

Archetype examples include the Windsor chair, Chippendale chair, and Chinese chair - they used natural materials and fine craftsmanship to refine and realise these in close collaboration with manufacturers.

Our own modern archetype of choice is the humble, plastic, cheap, and most produced chair in the world: the Monobloc chair, re-imagined for high-end interior dining in stark contrast to 
the disposable outdoor nature of its original counterpart.

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100% made in Britain...

Shattering the throw-away furniture narrative.

As the name suggests, the Polybloc chair references the iconic single-piece plastic Monobloc form with the exception of ‘poly’ meaning more than one. In this case, it is the formation of
various handcrafted and joined pieces of British grown ash timber.

Re-imagined as a high-quality dining chair for interiors, the vertical leg grooves give the illusion of Monobloc fluidity, along with the distinctive seat and backrest shape and groove pattern associated with the plastic archetype.

This extends to the sweeping steam bent armrest that remains unsupported by the back legs, to the bright ash finish that pays homage to the Monobloc white plastic, finished with white oil.

Polybloc: About

The AW lifetime guarantee - any furniture purchase from us comes with the promise of professional in-house restoration for wear or damage caused with age. Simply return the piece to us, and our expert craftspeople will take care of the rest.

Polybloc: Image
Polybloc: Image
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