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Allow me to introduce myself...

Adam Wolstenholme

A driven and hard working individual, I put an exceptional amount of effort into every passion I have - these interests including analogue and digital photography, design, and art. When it comes to design, nothing gets me more excited than vintage Nordic furniture, lighting, and ceramics, being a lover of heritage and the quality that comes with it. Interestingly, my own branding is in fact inspired by a wax stamp family heirloom passed down to me, designed by my Great Grandfather who shared the same initials - just one example of my love of not only paying homage to, but preserving the past. I have aspirations of continuing to work in design galleries to channel this, whilst studying the history of design. At the same time, I wish to continue to expand my photography skills and interest in interior design, utilising both of these to my strengths when approaching design briefs or conceptualising my own products in the future.

(Photo by Åsa Liffner, 2021)

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